Annual Fiesta near Lake Titicaca, Peru.
Images fo a Fiesta I came across while on a mountain bike ride at 3850m above sea level, near Lake Titicaca in Peru.
I was on a mountain bike ride with Alberth, a local guide, when we heard raucous music from over the hill. Alberth knew that an annual Fiesta  celebrating the Virgen de Cocacabana was taking place, so I asked if we could make a diversion and go along. It was a riot of colour, happiness, goodwill and beer. The costumes and dancing were amazing and if I could go back to spend more time there, I would. Luckily I had my old RX100 and a GoPro in my trouser pockets so I was able to shoot these images. 
A quick and rough video shot in wobblycam on my GoPro, hopefully conveying the music and atmosphere of the Fiesta.
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