Gurkha Welfare Trust - pensioners
Photographs taken in Nepal for the Ghurka Welfare trust to be used for fundraising.
Gurkha Welfare Trust
Welfare  Pensioner Portraits
In November 2010 I was in Nepal to photograph the opening of the first residential care home for retired Gurkha solders or their widows.  The residents, some of whom had served in WWll and had been POWs in Europe or The Pacific,  either had no family to look after them or were no longer able to look after themselves.  

After three days at the residential home, where I photographed the final two images in this portfolio, I spent time in Dharan and Giri photographing pensioners in their villagers and collecting their pension.  Some pensioners, often in their late 80s, walk for two or more days every three months to collect their pension.  The girl at the bottom of this project is the granddaughter of a welfare pensioner, who I photographed in a village above Pokhara.

You can read more about the Gurkha Welfare Trust here
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