Nepal - Hill villages around Giri
Images taken while volunteering for the Ghurka Welfare trust.
Nepal - villages around Giri and then home
My main task while volunteering for the Ghurka Welfare Trust was to photograph the welfare pensioners that the charity raises money for.  Welfare pensioners are not full pensioners, having left the British army within fifteen years of joining.  The regiment was reduced in size in the 1960s, which meant many Ghurka soldiers had to leave the army before reaching pensionable age.  They receive the equivalent of around £40 a month, much of this via fundraising by the GWT.

These images were taken in Giri (the volleyball match and the girl with rice) and in the surrounding villages, some of which were two hours away from surfaced roads 
along rough tracks .  GWT supports educational projects, and I photographed several schools that had been either built or improved by the charity.  The man holding the metal cup is a village schoolteacher, who walks two hours to get to his school every day.  School starts at 10.00 a.m to allow staff and children to walk from the surrounding areas.  The man in the polo neck is GWT's local representative, who keeps tabs on the welfare of the pensioners throughout the year.

As we drove out of Giri on our return journey to Kathmandu, we went into and then above the clouds, which then stretched below us, blanketing the hills.  Back in Kathmandu, I was shown the Swayambhunath Stupa, a beautiful Buddhist temple with breathtaking views of Kathmandu valley.   The final image show the Himalayas, shot from my seat on the flight back to London, where I sorted through around 5,000 images taking on my two week shoot.
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